Checklist for a Great Monologue Audition


__You have the type and length of material needed
__You have well written material you enjoyEntrance
__You have a confident, positive entrance & introduction
__You have a clean transition into your monologueDirecting Choices
__You have clear Beginning, Middle, Climax & End
__You have clear staging that tells your story
__You have placed your monologue well in the room
__Your staging is specific and fun to perform
__There is variety so you don’t stay on one note

Acting Choices
__You know exactly what your character wants
__You have a simple, clear objective that you believe in and care about

__You’re well rehearsed, so you’re free to play
__Your voice is supported and expressive throughout
__Your audience understands every word
__Your stakes are high
__You act fully throughout the monologue
__Your whole body is engaged in your objective
__You have a strong, clear endingEnding & Exit
__You have a clean transition to your Thank You
__You are prepared to stay and chat if asked
__You have a confident, positive exit