I love this work! My body and instincts haven't felt this free to make choices for a long (frustrating) time. THANK YOU! — Ana Valle


You would not believe the results I have had from watching your DVD and attending one class. I have so much more confidence, a technique that works and most importantly, results: I just heard I probably did book the feature film in Chicago. I also booked a role in a film that will hopefully go the film festival route. I also received an email today from a theater in Philly that I was not right for the role but that I was a phenomenal actress and they want to work with me in the near future. I used the techniques from your cold reading seminar and I am reading your book now like it is my Bible. I applied all your principles for these auditions and they worked like a charm. — Naza Jana Usher


On Friday I had a screening interview with One on One and I just received a call that I got in! Your book and the class helped sooo much. — Ren Croney


I loved the DVD. All my issues were addressed and answered. I liked the step by step process of what to do on auditions beginning from when we first walk in the door to the exit. I will be viewing this video many, many times so that I can get the entire process without even having to think about it. Thanks so much for such an informative video. – Shirley Chan


Thank you for your amazing technique! I live too far from NYC to participate in your workshops. I used your book to the letter for the first time in a recent monologue. Though I've been a professional and community theatre actor for 30 years, and done countless monologue auditions, this was the most confident, the most prepared, the most alive I've even been. It was a blast! Oh yeah, and I got the part. Thanks again! — David Newhouse


I have gotten a callback for almost every audition I've been to since taking your course! I got into a show almost right away. — Marek Sapieyevski


I learned more in your class than I have learned in any class I have taken since I graduated. I have a confidence that I carry now with me into auditions that I have never had. — Caroline Slaughter


I wish I had been able to watch this DVD when I was first starting—it would have saved me many months of trial-and-error, goof-ups, and "taking it personally" at auditions. I love the extra features, especially the industry interviews. That advice is INVALUABLE-and actors pay tons of money to go to seminars just to get the same advice! — Jules Hartley


I have to say my fear of monologues is officially gone and I welcome the challenges they offer in an audition. I had to learn a monologue from the play the night before the audition. I tackled it, had 2 callbacks and YAY! I am stoked—I am gonna be playing Masha in Chekhov's Three Sisters. — Katie Rayle


Well, look at what taking your Fearless Cold Reading class has done for me: I’ve been offered a gig working with Target Margin Theater, and I'm POSITIVE it's because of the ease and confidence I got from your workshop. So thank you! — Keong Sim


I was at an audition today, and after I was finished the director commented on how interesting my choice was, and went on to say that he just saw hundreds of the same thing over and over again, and what a relief to see something fresh. — Liz Eggers


What was most valuable for me about your class was gaining an awareness of how much power we have when we walk into an audition—that how we present ourselves, where we physically place ourselves, and how much preparation we do before we get in the room can reveal a lot about who we are—as people first and then as actors. This awareness continues to help me on my auditions today. They don't always go the way I want, but generally my auditions are getting better and better. And, I get to practice supporting myself regardless of whether I get the part or not—a difficult but important skill . — Erel Pilo


I cannot begin to describe how your book, class and technique have really changed the way I act and the way I view acting. I worked with Sarah from class today, and I realized how practicing monologues in the past was like swinging a stick around in the dark hoping to hit something. We both agreed we were thrilled to have a technique and about how productive we were in two hours. — Adam Burkey


There are so many different perspectives presented in the DVD from different casting directors to actors of various types and ranges. Plus, I was never bored due to the comic relief throughout. I felt like just when I was about to ask a question it was answered. – Sara Haley


The technique is so effective and makes so much sense to me Your class also inspired me to keep reading more plays--- I forgot how much I love doing that! — Angie Martin


Your classes were a true gift to me and I really feel I have mastered a set of skills that will prove to be my secret weapon throughout the rest of my career. — Emma Katz


I felt so comfortable walking in and performing my monologue using your technique. What used to terrify me in the past (monologues) now have become a strong tool for me in my auditions. I landed the part and my show opened two weeks ago. We just had a great review come out in the Times. — Brian Morgan


This MFA program at USC is like a hidden, beautiful secret. It is absolutely incredible, and I attribute so much of my getting accepted to techniques I learned from your monologue class. — Danielle Thorpe


Thank you so much for an incredibly informative monologue class. Aside from now having four new monologues committed to memory and learning your technique, the final class with the mock iauditions was invaluable. — Tara Perry


I NAILED an audition for this upcoming reading using my monologue that I worked on in class with you. After I did my "3-2-1 Thank You" at the end, there was a pause as the director just looked at me. Then she took a deep breath and said "Wow.” She offered me the part right there,which is an awesome feeling. I never would have discovered the fun of auditioning if it hadn't been for you and your class. — Jesse Kearney


I always feel like I am the only actor who feels like she can't just do a monologue and enjoy it. The real actors in the video go step by step through Karen’s techniques which demystify it and shows you it can be done! I loved the interviews with industry insiders! They all were so frank and helpful about what they want to see—in the end, what Karen teaches here is exactly what they are looking for and would put an actor in the top percentage of an audition. – Janine McGrath


Everything I heard about your class was true, and then some. I feel for the first time fully confident when I walk into an audition, and man does that make auditioning a lot more fun. — Jonathan Levy


Thank you so much for that class! I always tell all of my actor friends that it is a MUST! — Jennifer Lee Snowden www.jenniferleesnowden.com


Another audition… got another callback. I tell you this only because it’s all because of finally taking this class. And that’s as the result of only two classes! Love your system… love it. Every monologue I’ve previously discarded now looks to have serious potential. Awesome. — Jennifer Luca


I thoroughly enjoyed taking your class a couple months ago. Your techniques have indeed transformed the experience of auditioning for me. I've since been cast in two plays and an independent film. Thank you! — Rachel Crouthamel


Your DVD was extremely helpful in setting out just exactly how I need to prepare and everything that goes into a successful monologue audition. Overall, it inspired me to perform monologues; it made me realize the complex process that goes into a successful monologue and how, if you do your homework, you can have much more fun in the audition. I believe it was Charles Tuthill who said, “learn to love to audition” – and that is the major, perception-changing idea I took away from the video. – Julie Reed


My technique has improved a million times and my level of confidence has no limit. The fact that I’m now well prepared makes me more relaxed, so those crazy insecurities I had before have disappeared. Now the only thing I care about is having fun while auditioning. In the past three weeks, I have booked a lead on a student film, and I got I callback for an Off-Broadway show. The class definitely works!! [Update: got the lead in the Off-Broadway show & great reviews!] Miguel Belmonte


I had such a positive audition experience this past week for the New Jersey Theatre Alliance. I rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed, using all the techniques you taught in class, from entrance to exit. And I felt so good about it! I felt like I was in control and had command of the stage. It was powerful. And fun! The fact that all of the theatres that I wanted (w/ one exception) kept my headshot was great feedback, but better yet is how I FELT about it - my frame of mind. I'm moving in the right direction. — Janice Kildea


Your class was so interesting and incredibly helpful to me. I can't believe I have four monologues that I actually like to do. And I am looking FORWARD to beginning to go out and audition.....what???!! I enjoyed your wonderful blend of humor and rigor while guiding us through the process. — Sacha Yanow


I have to tell you that I got cast after my very first NYC monologue audition ever. I used my classical piece we worked on in class and got cast in Hudson Warehouse's Love's Labour's Lost. My 2nd monologue audition? Cast as well! — Amy Cassel Taft After taking the workshop in April, I have become far more focused and specific about the kind of theatre, companies, and plays I want to be involved in and as a result feel far more empowered and eager to audition. Because of my shift in attitude, I managed to get cast in an independent film for Showtime and performed in a play at La Mama shortly after finishing the class. — Mari Howells


I took your audition workshop in Vancouver. I'm writing to tell you how amazing I think your monologue book and concept is. I already had a great appreciation for it after using it for auditions, but now I'm in a directing course and I've discovered it from a new perspective. I just sat through an audition session, this time on the other side of the table. I made a list of things not to do as an actor for future reference, and when I looked over it I realized that basically every item on it was covered in the book. A girl auditioned who'd taken the workshop whose pieces stood out head-and-shoulders above the rest, just because they were so specific, and never let your attention dwindle. I've been singing the praises of this process! — Adrian McMorran


I felt so much more confident in myself and with my audition material. I also knew that my blocking would be so much more interesting to watch because it came from within me - drawing on my inner quirks and style. In addition, Having those elements within my control automatically made me more confident as I entered the room; and I must say that I still use the Big/Slow entrance any time I make an entrance - from auditioning to teaching classes - it automatically calms, focuses and grounds me. I would never have been able to develop and perform, my one-woman show, A Slant of Sun, if I hadn't taken the workshop. My last word on this, is that the seed of a terrific friendship was planted in class – Anne and I still get together regularly to work on pieces - for that I am forever grateful. — Beth Tascione I did get into an audition where they asked me to cold read a monologue. I felt real confident going in as I applied the concepts I learned in class, particularly the directing techniques, and I was very available and vulnerable, so I was very pleased with my reading, as were the auditors, I believe. Also, I recently performed in several roles in a play at The Looking Glass Theatre, where the director wrote a monologue for me to open the play with. I applied what I learned in class for that monologue too, and the audiences really enjoyed themselves! The class is very empowering! — Ron Palais


I truly credit your class in large part for the sane and enjoyable way was able to put my cabaret show together: I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it. It was totally self-produced, so there was a lot to do in addition to the creative parts—and the way that I did it was to do the work in pieces at a time everyday. I didn't want to ruin any second of the process with my perfectionism by sabotaging myself along the way. It was truly wonderful and wholly satisfying in a creative way that I wouldn't have missed for the world. — Margaret Curry


I used to fear the idea of going to auditions, now I feel empowered and excited to go on as many as possible. You helped me realize how important it is to focus on what's in your control: being prepared, handling yourself in a professional manner, and committing fully to the material despite the audition circumstances. I also learned how essential it is to work with a group of actors who support each other and foster a sense of community. I have met some wonderful people in your classes and we audition together and share as much as we can with each other. — Tamara Bechara


Monologues used to be such a chore for me and I would get so uptight for auditions, but now I have a confidence that wasn't there before and the technique needed to keep me moving forward! I have recommended your class and your book to several friends. — Jacquelyn Zook


I've been experiencing a relatively dramatic increase in callbacks and good feedback at monologue auditions. This is all due, I believe, to your class and the confidence that feeling truly prepared has provided me. Just tonight I was cast in a show, and got a callback for another. — Gabrielle Corsaro


I can't believe I have THREE monologues now! I have to say that it was one of the better classes I have taken. It was challenging and rewarding for me on a few levels. — Stephen Ashford


I have absolutely loved your class and feel completely re-inspired by everything we've learned so far. I am, in fact, actually looking forward to my next monologue audition (something I never thought would happen)! — Mary Hammett


Thanks for the class. It was wonderful. I just finished auditioning for summer stock and I have never felt so prepared and proud of myself after an audition. Actually, I talked to a friend after his audition for the same summer theater, and he was beating himself up about how he did. Of course, I, on the other hand was answering my “five questions” and was thrilled that my days of self-deflation are over. — Chira Cassel


Your basic monologue workshop has totally changed the way I feel about auditions. I used to have one monologue that I would use to death. And I would even occasionally not go to auditions because I knew my monologue was inappropriate, but the thought of getting a new one together in a day or two was out of the question. Well, now I have twelve monologues ready to go and have a list of five more to chunk, block and learn. I'm so amazed that I am doing that. And it's fun, too. I look forward to auditions, now as a way to improve my skills instead of just a way to get a job. I'm getting more callbacks than ever. I'm so thrilled with how fun and easy it is. — Jason Alan Griffen


I'm a little amazed. I went from being resigned to the fact that I had no monologues and not going on auditions and what the hell am I doing anyway! To: I LOVE the monologues I worked on in class and have already performed them in auditions and meetings willingly and confidently. I left the class lit up and inspired and feeling so lucky to be an actor. — Zuta Gilchrist


Your class has helped me so much-- especially in that it gave me the courage to get out there and audition and I have been doing that a lot with strong success. — Steve Reich


I found your monologue workshop extremely valuable. It is, without a doubt, the most specific and informative acting class I have taken. I now feel so much more prepared to go out and audition. — Eileen Heffernan


I went to an audition today and in the middle of my piece the FIRE ALARM for a drill went off! I'm sure this isn't the first time it's happened. We were told it might occur and the monitor had said that she had informed the auditor and he had said that if it occurs to just stop and he'd just chat with the auditioner until it had passed. The thing is, even knowing this, I didn't want to stop when it occurred. I continued for a while until it became obviously too loud and the auditor laughed and said that he was impressed at how I didn't seemed phased and had told himself I would have no problem dealing with cell phones! Also – he ended up having me do THREE pieces for him! I was so proud and excited to have another one at the ready every time he asked for something else! I'm excited rather than nervous and feel so grounded in my choices—it's so great! — John Summerford


I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your class. I was inspired to work on pieces and look for new ones with an energy I hadn't had for several months. — Andrea Miskow


Thank you so much for probably the most valuable class I have ever taken. Now I promise to go out and practice what I've learned, until I am a really expert auditioner! Thanks for being so patient and fun, and de-mystifying the process while empowering us. — Kate Herland


You're a fantastic teacher-thank you. I have such a different and more open/aware attitude and process for auditioning and working on material now. Plus-I did not expect to come out of your class actually liking monologue work! This is an amazing surprise! — Kristin Dispaltro


In memoriam:


WOW! WOW! WOW! - I have been getting called back for every single audition I've been to since taking your class. I feel like an audition animal getting out there and going for everything I can because I feel confident and I'm so much having fun. I write my feedback after every audition and each one gets better and better. AND I don't get thrown off one bit by out of the ordinary auditions. — Nicole Du Fresne