“A much-needed kick in the butt! This book should be handed to every actor the day they arrive in the city.”

- Nikki Berger, Actor


"By the end of the introduction, I wrote the following in the liner: 'Inspiring. I actually want to go digging for new, juicy pieces.'"

- Franny Silverman, Actor


"The 'Hello, This Is Me' monologue as a calling card—what a super introduction for actors."

- Mike Batelli, Actor


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Karen Kohlhaas, Atlantic Theater Company founding member, Off-Broadway director, and Atlantic Acting School senior teacher illuminates the factors that go into choosing the most effective monologues for ALL types of auditions. This comprehensive guide for actors helps you to:


How to Make Your Monologue Choices Active—Not Passive • Top Monologue- Choosing Mistakes • The Best Way to Find Material • Raising Your Percentages in the Audition Room • Understanding Your Auditors’ Point of View • How to Research an Audition


Recognizing Good Monologues • Inappropriate Monologues • Choosing Your First Monologue The “Hello, This Is Me” Monologue • When Should a Monologue Be from a Play? • What Is a Contemporary Monologue? • What Is a Classical Monologue? • Choosing Contrasting Monologues • Overdone Monologues • How to Use a Monologue Book • Non-Play Monologues Monologues with Accents Monologues with Props • Self-Written Monologues • How to Cut a Monologue (And When Not To)


Training Programs & Graduate Schools • Stage Roles • Film Roles Professional Theaters Multi-Theater Auditions • Equity Principal Auditions (EPAs) • Theater Apprentice Programs Agent and Manager Meetings • Casting Directors Competitions


Expand Your Acting and Casting Range • Solve Performance Problems • Grow and Have Fun • Build a Killer Repertoire of 20 Specifically-Chosen Monologues!


Resources Section of Monologue Sources • Websites • Industry Information Recommended Reading • More

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More comments on this book from actively auditioning New York actors:


“It encourages and inspires me to slow down and take active control of my career and work in more ways than just monologues. It's thorough and any serious actor will gain a new awareness from reading this.”

- Brad Engle


"I can see myself pulling this book off the shelf years down the line at any lull or block in creativity when I am looking to be re-inspired not just as an auditioning actor, but as a creative theatre artist."

- Franny Silverman


"I gained a tremendous confidence from the book and will now have a set of questions I can continually ask to help me prepare for any audition."

- Curtis Nielsen



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