by Karen Kohlhaas



√   You have the type and length of material needed
√   You have material that you think is well-written and that you enjoy


√   You have a confident, positive entrance & introduction and seem happy to be there
√   You have a clean transition from your introduction to beginning the piece


Directing Choices
√   You have identified a clear beginning, middle, climax, and end
√   You have clear staging that tells your story
√   You consistently perform your monologue at a comfortable distance from your auditors
√   Your monologue is physically specific and fun to perform
√   There is variety - the monologue doesn't stay on the same mood/tone


Acting Choices
√   You know exactly what your character wants from those he is speaking to
√   You have a simple, clear acting objective that you believe in and care about


√   You know your monologue and staging so well that you are free to play
√   Your voice is supported and expressive throughout
√   Every word is clearly articulated and easy to understand
√   You are easily seen throughout the monologue
√   You know your lines and staging cold - you can do them no matter what
√   It is clear what you want from the person/people you are talking to
√   You are pursuing your acting objective fully throughout the monologue
√   Your whole body is engaged in your performance
√   You have a strong, clear ending to your monologue
√   You have a clean transition to your 'thank you'


√   You have a confident, positive exit from your audition, OR
√   You are prepared to stay and chat if your auditors ask you to


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Karen Kohlhaas is a New York based theater director and filmmaker, a founding member of the Atlantic Theater Company, and a senior teacher at the Atlantic Acting School. She teaches private monologue, directing, and “Fearless Cold Reading & Audition Technique” classes in New York and other cities. She is the author of How to Choose a Monologue for Any Audition, The Monologue Audition: A Practical Guide for Actors, and The Monologue Audition Teacher's Manual, and is the director/writer/producer of The Monologue Audition Video (DVD), a 120-minute instructional DVD for actors, or anyone who wants to improve at public speaking and giving presentations, available at www.monologueaudition.com.


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